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PSL Europe

Specialist in unique products
In the promotional market only truly original products are noticed. Therefore PSL offers, as a specialist for over ten years, the latest in electronics and watches.

With the PSL Design Studio in Hong Kong and two affiliated factories (ISO 14001 certified) in China, PSL supports with unique products, a guarantee for original and successful communication and promotions.

The choice is yours
The blank website www.innovationisourdrive.com and the annual Incentive Gifts catalogs (view them on www.incentive-gifts.eu) give an impression of the 'unlimited' possibilities that promotional products offer. Besides in-house printing facilities, PSL offers the flexibility to adapt existing products or unique products. So far PSL has introduced very successful products like the Scrolling Message Series, USB People and most recently the Slap On watch.

More information?
Want to know more about our products or our company? You can contact us via:

PSL Europe bv
Wiltonstraat 7-9
2722 NG Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
T.: +31(0) 79 330 2100
F.: +31(0) 79 330 2101
E.: info@psl-europe.com