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SENATOR has stood for quality, innovation and sustainability for 90 years. The guiding principle of the founders still remains valid: “Ideas and products which are different from others”. The spirit of innovation, and the drive to always be one idea ahead remains unchanged. For these purposes we can fall back on decades of tradition and experience.

The goal of conciliating ecology and economy is ingrained throughout SENATOR, and is supported by all functions of the company. As part of an exacting environmental management system, we subject our processes to regular review, integrate new knowledge and actively adapt ourselves to major changes. For our products we only use raw materials which stand up to comprehensive ecological assessment.

Selection of raw materials and production processes are directed towards ensuring the absence of hazardous materials, use of recycled material, bio-degradability and avoidance of waste. We therefore comply with the REACH ordinance of the European Union, which states that only tested and registered chemicals must be used by the year 2018.

As a company certified to ISO 9001, SENATOR not only delivers tested and certified quality in every individual area, but has also committed itself to assume responsibility for people and the environment as part of its own CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility) and also as member of the worldwide “Business Social Compliance Initiative” (BSCI).

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