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"Gifts, believe me, captivate both men and Gods". Ovid, Roman poet

What Ovid was already aware of suddenly grew in importance in the 60s: the demand for promotional products increased and the market gradually expanded.  It was not, however, structured in any way. Walter Jung recognised the great potential and, in winter 1960, founded the PSI network (Promotional Product Service Institute) which, today, is a firm pillar of the market. The idea: 

"Bringing distributors and manufacturers together, so that they can effectively reap the mutual benefits of collaboration." Walter Jung, PSI founder.
Today the PSI is the most important network in the promotional product sector - offering significant benefits for all concerned. Manufacturers benefit from the outstanding sales possibilities; distributors from the high-quality sources. The founding of the PSI Exhibition in Düsseldorf saw the creation of an essential forum which, with its exclusive circle of participants, ensures maximum quality. This is because the PSI network is still "members only".  The PSI now brings together roughly 6,500 high quality promotional product companies throughout Europe and the world - and offers you, as a member, great potential and enormous opportunity for growth.

"You, too, can benefit from the largest international network for the promotional product industry: It's well worth it."
Michael Freter, PSI Director

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